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״Relex, Observe, Be Happy״

44th Cohort - December 18th 2022

The further and deeper we go inside ourselves, we discover space within us which is constant, unchanging. This space can offer us, in every moment of our  lives - peace, sereniry, contentment.

It is the source of our deepest intuition.

This is a space in which we can recharge ourselves with a new energy, with love and gratitude for life.

This course will facilitate and carve our path towards this inner space.

  • A weekly 3 hour practice

  • Reading materials

  • A Toolkit of exercises

  • 1:1 tutorials

  • Group tutorials

  • One final concluding meeting with the founder of Soha

  • Each student is paired with a personal guide that will support your progress on your course

The course includes:

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