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Relax, Observe, Be Happy

2024 Cohort

Did you know that the teaching of Soha help us understand ourselves and others, through understanding the hidden motives that determine our reactions and behaviors?


With these unique teachings we will learn about a phenomenon called "The Multiplicity of I's", and how to communicate with different parts of ourselves. We will learn about attention - is it ours? What is holding it? How aware are we of such internal processes? We will learn about the imbalance that exists within us and the tools to help us rebalance ourselves and harmonise our experience.

What is the Soha Teachings? 

The teachings of the Soha contain ancient knowledge that has been preserved for many years and presents a clear picture of human nature and its place in the set of natural laws. The teaching is anchored in neuroscience and offers a practical breakdown of the human internal human structure, which includes the four human minds as well as ways to realize the true potential hidden in it.


The study explains the origin of human character traits  and the ways different people behave. Through an exploration of self, the teaching leads us to an understanding of our deepest aspirations, and gives us the practical tools to fulfill them. 


The Course  "Relax, Observe, Be Happy", has been on offer since 2005 and already touched hundreds of people. In the course, we will discover who we are, how to deeply relax, reach inner balance, be masters of ourselves and create around us the world in which we wish to live. The course guides students on a journey to discover the inner nature of humankind and the world around us. ​The teaching will bring us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and others, we will learn how to solve the problems we encounter and create the life we ​​are looking for.

What will we learn and experience during the course?

  • We will get to know the secrets of the four centers and minds: the body, the emotions, the intellect, and the spirit.

  • We will experiment with breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as physical exercises that will improve the relationship and communication between our four minds.

  • We will discover the meaning inherent in the different states of consciousness: death, hypnotic sleep, movement and awakening.

  • We will discover an intimate connection with our inner selves and becoma aware of the deep desires and aspirations within us.

  • We will understand our inner nature, our deepest tendencies and we will be able to use this knowledge to improve our lives and our interpersonal relationships with the world around us.

  • We will be able to discover our internal mission and vocation through working with the ideas.

What are the wonderful advantages  Soha can bring to our lives?

  • The Soha training enables energetic and physical renewal of the cells of the body and brain: the special exercises support neurological flexibility and the health of mind and body.

  • We will learn to relax and find inner balance: through breathing exercises and relaxation and deep listening we will find peace and harmony with ourselves.

  • We will be able to better control our reactions: through the special training of Soha, we will learn to take distance from life's events, to improve our attentiveness and reactions to them.

  • We will improve self-awareness: knowing our psychological structure will help us better understand our personality, our motivations, our strengths and our weaknesses.​

  • We will develop the ability to adapt: ​​knowing the different human minds and how they function promotes to the ability to adjust to changing situations and people.

  • We will improve the quality of communication: with a growing understanding, presence and calm, we will be able to communicate more clearly.

  • We will improve the quality of interpersonal relationships: understanding of the human psychological types, promotes empathy, and allows us to approach relationships and their complexities from a new perspective.

  • We will develop the ability to look inward: the practices and study of the Soha help develop a greater capacity for self-observation, while promoting personal growth and self-awareness.​

  • We can discover our vocation: through a deeper knowledge of ourselves, we can discover our personal mission and vocation, which gives meaning to our lives

  • We will increase awareness of the world around us:  the study and practices of Soha can help reveal the mysteries of the world around us, through a greater understanding of the symbols and energies that lie within them.​

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Relax, Observe, Be Happy

2024 Cohort

Dror Neve
Founder of the Soha School in Israel

Dror Neve (Dip.Ac) is a mentor with rich experience in the field of personal development and self-awareness.

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Neve has been leading seminars and courses that help develop self-awareness for over thirty years, both in the framework of the "Soha" school that he founded in Haifa in 2005, and in other external frameworks such as: the University of Haifa, Tamurus, the Institute for Human Ecology among others.


Neve guides groups and individuals in the process of personal discovery and development, whose focus lies in developing the possible states of awareness available to humans, and using them for self-fulfillment.


The study is based on ancient knowledge, anchored by contemporary research in neuroscience. The special combination of study and practice that distinguishes the "Soha", directs one  to an inner balance through the development of the connection between the body, thought and emotion.


The Soha School was founded as part of the international activity of the School of Self-Awareness for the Harmonious Development of Man, headed by Mr. Patrizio Paoletti. The school researches human functions and enables students to acquire self-awareness and develop skills as well as broaden their view in relation to themselves, society and the environment in which they live. Learning the Soha is part of a variety of techniques taught at school. In Israel, the teachings of Soha are taught by Mr. Dror Neve exclusively.

What People Say?

Yael Zak, Developer

Ofer Karp, Academic

Miri Yanai, Interior Designer

Sivan Zadok, Lawyer

Gidi Meital, Business Owner

Ofer Horovitz-Zak, Teacher

Lee Weinberg, University Lecturer

Ayelet Pery, Real Estate Agent

Dror Kutner, Developer

Edan Oren, Business Owner

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