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Thursday, 20 August 2020

20:00-21:00 (Jerusalem time zone), "The Place", Kibbutz Ein Carmel & Online (via Zoom)


Know Thyself:
How to apply an ancient aphorism in your daily life 

Did you know that the human machine has 7 different functions … and 4 different brains? And that most of the time it doesn’t work as it is supposed to do… creating undesired and useless suffering in our life?

"Know Thyself". This ancient aphorism, assigned to Soctrates alludes to the fact that we actually, don't really know ourselves. This lecture will look to answer: Why should we get to know ourselves better- and what for? 

Instructor: Maura 

Internationally experienced business leader,

So-ha student.

הזמנה להתחלה חדשה

סדרת מפגשי מבוא, קיץ 2020

קבוצת סו-הא 2020/21 

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