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Monday, October 5, 19:00-20:00 (Jerusalem time zone)

Online (via zoom application)


Harmonizing the fields of our lives:

A Prectical Experience in Listening to Ourselves

How much time do we dedicate ourselves? Truly?

How much attention do we give to our internal voices? How much space do we have in order to manifest ourselves and understand what we truly want?

This meeting is an invitation to form

a meaningful and deep encounter with ourselves,

to get in touch with our inmost wants

in the different fields of our lives.

Instructor: Lee Weinberg

So-ha student.

הזמנה להתחלה חדשה

סדרת מפגשי מבוא, קיץ 2020

קבוצת סו-הא 2020/21 

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