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Art of Harmony - Registration



Welcome to the ‘’Art of Harmony’’ registration page!


Training will take place Wednesday May 6th 18:00-19:30 (Jerusalem time) via Zoom app.


This training aims to create a state of Harmony within us through physical and mental exercises.

You will learn new ideas and how to apply them practically in your daily life, through simple yet precise body movements.


Please wear comfortable clothes, you could use a Yoga mat or a sitting pillow if you have,


And mainly, enjoy practicing while producing fruits to your life!

English translation

  1. For English online translation, audio only, use the Webex link we'll provide below.

  2. In parallel to Webex app, use the Zoom link we'll provide below to watch the session's video. 

  3. We recommend connecting to Webex 10-15 minutes before the session, to assure sound audio connection and to install app if needed.

  4. When clicking the Webex link:

    • The app will be installed

    • You will be required to provide email address.

    • Click "Join meeting"

Immediately after submitting the form,
an Email with details and links will be sent to you,
and the 2 links will appear below the Submit button:
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